Director's Profile


Jack Yen (Chairman)

Jack Yen has enjoyed a successful career in the textile manufacturing industry. He has served on the board of a number of substantial organisations, across Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. He established a joint venture operation in China/Taiwan back in the 1980's with his father. China proposed a different diverse production/capacity offering to manufacturing back in Taiwan and decided to set up a factory. With extensive experience having owned and operated businesses in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, Jack is running a robust highly sought after vertical factory, employing a large labour force with some of the most popular brand name companies in the 21st century.

Jack now serves as the Chairman of Jingzhu Garments Co LTD and is focused on superior quality, technical production and intricate workmanship A varied and complex company structure across south-east asia with the knowledge of dealing in FX currencies, complex F.O.B, C.I.F and F.I.S. client transactions.



Jane Zhu (C.F.O)

Jane Zhu's expertise is in the field of finance and logistics, having worked in the sector for more than 10 years. Her attributes extend further than just the numbers and organisational skills. She currently oversees the entire workforce, handling HR as another hat to juggle. Jane now serves as the C.F.O of Jingzhu Garments Co LTD.